As Vitalen Technology GmbH (Pedal Commander), we receive affliate requests, meet and
contact affliates and determine our affliate model upon the information you provided within
this form. According to Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), we attribute importance to the
protection and privacy of the personal data collected herein. Your name, occupation,
company details, contact details are collected and processed as personal data in order to
contact you upon your affliate request.
We kindly inform you that your above-mentioned data will be used limited to the purposes
stated above. By taking appropriate data protection measures, Vitalen may transfer your
personal data in line with the purposes specified within this Informing Text, with sister
companies under Vitalen and legal/financial consultants. As the data subject, you may
exercise your rights outlined in Article 12 of GDPR or withdraw your consent regarding the
processing of above-mentioned data by sending a request to
including your identity and contact details. Please note that your personal data will be stored
for the period required as of the processing purpose and will continue to be used by
anonymizing or be destroyed in accordance with the relevant procedure with the legislation.
By approving this text, you declare that you read this informing text and consent to the
processing of your data within the scope of affiliate request.