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How Can You Install Pedal Commander

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How Can You Install Pedal Commander

Due to intense competition amongst automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers, the market is flooded with overpriced aftermarket components, chip tunings, and performance enhancers. Although these can be costly, they often necessitate expertise and time for installation, making tuning appear daunting and expensive.

However, with the Pedal Commander, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Its unparalleled technological prowess makes prior time and money spent on other components seem wasteful. By adhering to the given installation guidelines, you can set up your Pedal Commander in a mere 15 minutes.

Let's Walk Through Installing the Pedal Commander

Step-by-Step Installation:

  • To power down your vehicle's ECU, leave the driver's door open for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Locate the connector for your accelerator pedal assembly.
  • Disconnect the pedal's plug.
  • Connect the male and female connectors to the respective accelerator pedal plugs until you hear a "click."
  • Using the included alcohol wipe, cleanse the area you intend to place the bracket on.

P.S. Employ gentle pressure in a circular motion to remove any dust.

  • Attach the provided velcro to the bracket and cleaned area.
  • Finally, slot the Pedal Commander into the bracket.


Follow these instructions meticulously to avoid any engine warning lights or potential issues. Ensure connectors click into place securely.

Start investigating the installation of Pedal Commander

As you are aware, there are a lot of aftermarket parts, chip tunings, and performance items available at exorbitant prices as a result of the ambitious and ruthless competition among automakers. Despite the fact that you spend a lot of money on them, installation requires expertise and time. This gives you the impression that installing any car upgrades is a challenging, costly, and time-consuming process.

But when you learn how to install a Pedal Commander, you'll be surprised. Because setting up Pedal Commander ensures you of an unmatched technological marvel. Once you begin learning how to install a Pedal Commander, the time and money you previously spent on other upgrade parts will be history.

You can install a Pedal Commander in just 15 minutes by following the helpful installation instructions.

Instructions about How to Install a Pedal Commander

- Allow your vehicle's ECU to shut down by leaving the driver's door open for 10 to 15 minutes.

- Find the plug connector for your accelerator pedal assembly.

- Remove the gas pedal's plug.

- Attach male and female connectors to the appropriate gas pedal plugs. A "click" should be heard as both plugs are inserted.

- Clean the area where you want to mount the bracket with the alcohol wipe that is included.

P.S. "Apply light pressure and use a gentle, circular motion to clean the surface of dust."

- Cover the bracket and the cleaned area with the provided velcro.

- Finish by inserting the Pedal Commander into the bracket.

Learn More About How to Install a Pedal Commander

Having read this far, you're equipped with the basic installation knowledge. It's also key to know the installation steps if your vehicle is equipped with a key fob or keyless entry. Maintain a distance of at least 35 feet (10 metres) between the key fob and the car if it has keyless entry.

The Pedal Commander acts as a bridge between your accelerator pedal and the ECU, ensuring a consistent, rapid, and smooth ride irrespective of the vehicle type. By reading our blogs or watching our videos, you can master the installation process and revel in a smoother, faster drive.

The Pedal Commander Installation Guide Will Help You Find The Most Useful Upgrade.

Despite the sea of conventional automotive upgrades available, many manufacturers seem to prioritise their profits. If you're not vigilant about the hidden installation costs of the products you purchase, you might regret it later.

Yet, if you've come across this site, consider yourself fortunate. Like its technological innovation, the Pedal Commander boasts a robust and efficient installation guide, saving both time and money.

Pedal Commander Install Time: Are You Prepared?

Compared to more elaborate and expensive tweaks, like boosting horsepower or chip modifications, Pedal Commander offers a pragmatic and cost-effective solution. A 15-minute DIY setup is all it takes. Moreover, you can manage it via a mobile app, eliminating the need for a costly professional.


As opposed to risky and expensive upgrades like increasing horsepower and chip tunings, Pedal Commander provides you with a more practical and affordable installation technique. Only 15 minutes are needed. Without seeing a specialist and forking out extra cash, you can install it yourself and manage it with an app on your phone. 

Witness the Pedal Commander Installation Video:

Given the Pedal Commander's acclaim, countless online tutorials detail its setup process. However, be wary; competitors might try to downplay its simplicity. For a genuine insight into its easy installation, visit our YouTube channel.

Experience optimal ease while mounting the Pedal Commander. The more you delve into our tutorial videos, the more you'll appreciate its technological advancement. Should you doubt any information, our Pedal Commander installation videos are there for reassurance. For further guidance, select your vehicle model from the dropdown at the top of this page to access tailored installation videos.