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Pedal Commander

Dominate The Roads
Get rid of throttle lag and enjoy the ride with Pedal Commander for BMW

In search of a BMW performance enhancement that promises a significant boost while safeguarding your engine's integrity? Look no further! Experience Pedal Commander today!

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The Ultimate Swift BMW Experience with Pedal Commander

A BMW is a car that doesn't compromise, which is why you drive one. It feels like a masterpiece in motion, designed with precision and passion. And you, as a BMW owner, understand this better than anyone. Every time you slip into the driver's seat, it's an experience that sparks a smile from within.

But guess what? There's a secret to elevating that experience even further. A seamless boost in performance that not only exhilarates you but also maintains the integrity of your beloved BMW, without sacrificing that signature smooth driving experience. Say goodbye to throttle lag and take control of your vehicle's performance like never before. With Pedal Commander, you're in command of instant throttle response, ensuring a seamless and exhilarating ride every time you hit the road.

Unleash the full potential of your BMW, enjoy precision control, and make every drive a thrilling adventure. Take control, eliminate lag, and experience driving at its finest with Pedal Commander. Upgrade your BMW today!

Perfection Lies Within Pedal Commander

Enhance your BMW driving experience with our state-of-the-art throttle response controller. Crafted to eliminate throttle lag, Pedal Commander puts you in the driver's seat, offering instant response and precision with every acceleration. Unleash the true potential of your BMW, turning everyday drives into extraordinary adventures. Whether navigating bustling city streets or conquering scenic British highways, Pedal Commander ensures a seamless and exhilarating ride. Take command of the wheel and redefine perfection with Pedal Commander – where innovation meets performance, creating extraordinary journeys. Upgrade your BMW today and discover the pinnacle of driving perfection you've been seeking.

Safety First

Choose Pedal Commander for a heightened BMW driving experience without compromising your car's ECU. Our cutting-edge throttle response controller ensures safety remains a top priority. With Pedal Commander, enjoy enhanced performance and responsiveness, all while preserving the integrity of your vehicle's electronic control unit. Elevate your driving with peace of mind – because at Pedal Commander, your safety comes first. Upgrade your BMW today for a secure and exhilarating journey on UK roads.

Enjoy Your BMW More with Pedal Commander

Elevate your daily drives to exceptional heights with the exceptional features of Pedal Commander. Experience the exhilarating surge of power as you navigate twists and turns on winding roads or accelerate along open highways. With Pedal Commander, each acceleration becomes a harmonious blend of potency and responsiveness, providing unparalleled driving pleasure. Customise your BMW's throttle response according to your driving preferences, whether you fancy an energetic ride or a smoother journey. Upgrade your BMW today and savour every moment with Pedal Commander – an authentic gateway to an enhanced driving experience. Seize control of the wheel, dominate the road, and elevate your driving satisfaction to new levels.

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

BMW 3 Series

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

BMW 1 Series

Got Something On Your Mind?
Unlocking Answers for BMW Owners

How do BMW Performance parts influence the performance and longevity of BMW vehicles?

BMW Performance parts , boost performance and add a touch of style. The upgrades include engine, suspension, and aerodynamics. Parts that increase the downforce have a huge impact on driving stability. When fitted and maintained properly, these parts improve performance without impacting vehicle longevity. However, adhering to manufacturer guidelines is important, and warranty considerations should be checked, as using performance parts may affect coverage. For your warranty sake, Pedal Commander is the best upgrade you can get. Because it won’t leave any traces on your vehicle.

What key modifications are recommended to enhance BMW's performance effectively?

Engine Tuning: Opt for performance software upgrades or engine remapping.

Acceleration Tuning: Install Pedal Commander for the ultimate throttle response and control.

Exhaust System: For better efficiency and sound prefer a high-performance exhaust system.

Suspension: To improve handling consider upgrading with sportier components, such as springs, shocks, struts, or a complete coilover system.

Brakes: With high-performance brake pads, rotors, and callipers Enhance stopping power. Especially for track use.

Air Intake: Add a cold air intake to improve airflow to the engine.That way you can potentially boost horsepower.

Wheels/Tyres: Switch to lightweight, performance-oriented options for better grip and improved handling.

Aerodynamics: To boost stability at higher speeds consider front splitters, rear diffusers, or spoilers. Remember less drag equals more performance and fuel efficiency.

Limited-Slip Differential: To improve traction during acceleration and handling install an LSD.

Intercoolers: For turbos, upgrading intercoolers improves overall engine performance.

Chassis Bracing: Strengthen the chassis for improved rigidity.

What are the distinctions between genuine BMW parts and aftermarket alternatives?

Original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) for BMW are the parts made by BMW itself or made by external manufacturers exclusively for BMW. These parts are covered by BMW’s two-year fitted parts warranty. Aftermarket alternatives are manufactured by external manufacturers they vary in quality and compatibility. They may sound like a good deal because of being cost-effective but you should be careful about the warranty of your BMW.

What factors should one consider when upgrading a BMW for better performance?

When upgrading your BMW for enhanced performance one should strongly focus on safety rather than price. Considering that prioritising high-performance breaks, quality tyres, and strengthening chassis is vital. Avoid using aftermarket parts that can jeopardise your car’s warranty at all costs. Ensure the engine cooling system is capable of handling the performance upgrades. Regular maintenance is a must for a seamless driving experience. Safeguard the vehicle's built-in safety features, ensuring that modifications do not undermine systems like ABS, traction control, and stability control. Balancing performance with safety is key for a secure and exhilarating journey.

What advantages does BMW tuning provide for vehicle owners?

First of all FUN! BMW tuning offers more horsepower and torque which equals improved acceleration and performance. But it's not just raw power, beyond that it offers more responsive throttle and dynamic handling. Pedal Commander is the perfect example that provides BMW owners thrilling and fun driving experience. Plus fuel efficiency! What's wrong with going fast and paying less, right? Tuning is not just power it also offers safety with better brake pads, rotors, and calipers. You can tailor your car according to your liking.

Is BMW tuning essential, and who are the top BMW tuners in the UK?

Tuning is not essential tuning it depends on the preferences of the individuals. For some, it’s not necessary for some tuning is life! Which side are you? If you are a BMW enthusiast that into tuning check out these 5 BMW tuners.Evolve Automotive, DMS Automotive, Superchips, Birds Bimmer, and Litchfield Motors these garages are the tuning experts of BMW in the UK.

Can BMW vehicles undergo customisation to suit individual preferences?

The short answer is YES! BMWs can be customised to your liking from the inside out. Especially BMW has so many options you could lose yourself in those options. From paint jobs to interior designs you name it. BMW’s Individual program allows bespoke customisation ensuring that owners can create a car just for their liking. Your taste, your lifestyle BMW has it all.

Why do BMW accessories command premium prices?

Because of quality materials, top-notch design, and engineering, these are the primary causes of premium prices. In addition to that they provide warranty and support they have tons of customisation options for you to pick from and let's not forget the brand image. When we talk about exclusivity and limited edition products, you may expect prices to skyrocket. Owning a luxury car like BMW comes with premium prices.

How can I find premium yet budget-friendly BMW parts in the UK?

To find premium yet budget-friendly BMW parts in the UK, explore authorised dealerships for periodic promotions and discounts or consider reputable online retailers specialising in genuine or high-quality aftermarket parts. Check with independent BMW specialists and compare prices across multiple sources, including local suppliers. Reputable aftermarket parts manufacturers may offer cost-effective options. Additionally, look into membership discounts through BMW enthusiast clubs, and consider purchasing used parts from salvage yards or online platforms. Keep an eye on seasonal sales and clearance events for potential savings. Whether buying from authorised dealerships or independent sources, prioritise authenticity and quality to ensure optimal performance for your BMW.

Where are the best places to conveniently purchase BMW parts and accessories within the UK?

Authorised BMW dealerships, offering genuine components with promotions are the best places possible to purchase BMW parts and accessories in the UK. Reputable online retailers specialising in BMW parts provide a wide selection, while Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) suppliers offer competitive options. Explore local independent BMW specialists, major auto parts chain stores, and BMW owners' clubs for convenience and potential discounts. Additionally, consider speciality online marketplaces and local auto parts suppliers. For budget-friendly choices, salvage yards and online platforms specialising in used auto parts can provide cost-effective solutions. Ensure the authenticity and reputation of the supplier before making a purchase.