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Pedal Commander

Conquer The Roads In Style
Make Your Cadillac Perfect with Pedal Commander

Get the most out of your Cadillac with a performance part worthy of its premium status, Pedal Commander! It is the most effective upgrade for Cadillac owners who want a better throttle response!

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Your Cadillac Will Perform As Good As It Looks with Pedal Commander

Cadillac is one of the most important marques in American automotive history. The brand stands for high-level craftsmanship, luxury, performance, and comfort. Cadillac has a strong lineup, as all their cars have breathtaking exterior design, comfortable and posh interior, and potent engines. Whether you have a wagon or a high-performance coupe, your Cadillac is ready to make every trip more memorable. Continue reading because you can make your Cadillac even more special with a simple upgrade

Your Cadillac might have a potent engine, but that doesn’t mean it can take full advantage because there are some bottlenecks in the throttle system. Modern cars have a drive-by-wire system to control the throttle electronically, which introduces lag. Pedal Commander is the safest way of removing that lag as it won’t void your warranty. It gives you instant access to the engine’s power. Pedal Commander offers four modes that you can customize to your taste. Once you install it, you’ll be able to accelerate instantly! Don’t just take our word for it; watch this video to see how our customers react to Pedal Commander’s abilities and see it with your eyes! If you are interested, scroll down below and select your Cadillac to learn more

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