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Pedal Commander

Total Control
Pedal Commander will Help You Use Everything Your Infiniti Has

Infiniti owners love making their vehicles quicker without compromising their cars' reliability. If you want to make your car better without any expensive modifications, Pedal Commander is the way to go!

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Let Your Infiniti's Real Performance Shine with Pedal Commander

Infiniti is a fantastic luxury brand with an outstanding lineup of exceptional vehicles. The Japanese marque is one of the top brands that come out of the land of the rising sun.  Infinitis has remarkable value, excellent performance, and comfortable interiors, whether you have a crossover SUV or a coupe.  From cutting-edge technology to exquisite designs, you can’t go wrong with an Infiniti, and that’s why you have one. If you have an Infiniti, keep reading because we have a game-changing performance upgrade for you!

Pedal Commander is a revolutionary performance upgrade for your Infiniti. It is a throttle response controller that will change how your car feels with a flick of a switch. Pedal Commander will enhance the throttle response for quicker acceleration. Just select your Infiniti and let Pedal Commander work its magic! Don’t just take our word for it. Watch this video to witness our customers’ reaction when Pedal Commander is in action! If you are interested in getting a Pedal Commander, scroll down and select your Infiniti and join the club! 

Got Something on Your Mind?
Infiniti Owners Asked, and We Answered

Can Infiniti Performance Parts Take Your Vehicle to its Maximum Capacity?

Infiniti is one of the best luxury car marques on the market. They have some of the best lineups, and each car is extremely competent. However, any vehicle can be improved with the right aftermarket parts, and there are some excellent Infiniti modification options available on the market.

The main idea behind installing performance parts in any vehicle is to optimize the car’s performance to help it achieve its optimum performance to operate to its full potential. When people talk about the car's performance, it’s not just about the engine. While, yes, the engine plays a significant role, as with anything, the car’s performance is only as good as its weakest component. Yes, you can find different parts for the engine, but you need the best Infiniti upgrades to improve Infiniti Performance.

The stock Infiniti you have possesses plenty of untapped potential. However, to use that potential, you might want an Infiniti modification that adds functionality that may not have existed before. There are many different upgrades from Infiniti racing parts and performance chips to Infiniti tuners. Be that as it may, most people don’t need unreversible Infiniti performance parts.

While Infiniti performance parts will surely bring aesthetic and functional improvement to your vehicle, they can be pretty expensive. They can also negatively impact the Infiniti fuel economy. The extra power added by these Infiniti performance parts needs extra fuel. However, if you want more control and also have the option of improving your fuel economy, get the Pedal Commander. 

These days, most people talk about the Pedal Commander, and they have excellent reasons. Pedal Commander is basically a small device that helps you to have more control over the vehicle as it controls how your throttle pedal responds. The most promising factor about the Pedal Commander is that it doesn’t damage the engine and only improves the acceleration and speed without any kind of risks.

Are There Exceptional Infiniti Aftermarket Parts to Improve Your Vehicle?

There is no doubt that Infiniti has remained quite competitive in the luxury market because of its unique style and performance-based models. The brand offers several models for performance-oriented enthusiasts. Most of Infiniti’s cars are perfect for gearheads with families, and with some small Infiniti aftermarket accessories, Infiniti cars can be more enjoyable to drive. If you want Infiniti upgrade ideas, most people say that any upgrades should enhance the car's longevity. However, the owners should expect to drive their vehicles long and go for the best Infiniti aftermarket parts to keep their vehicles in the best shape. 

Most Infiniti parts aftermarket providers claim they have the best ones. Still, to keep the value of your car as long as possible, you should kit your vehicle with the best Infiniti aftermarket accessories such as the excellent Pedal Commander. With the help of a high-quality Infiniti aftermarket part like the Pedal Commander, you can have different options depending on how you feel for the day. After all, your Infiniti is great in stock form, and it should only be kitted with the best Infiniti mods.

What is the Infiniti Tuning to Build the Ultimate Infiniti?

The main idea of using Infiniti performance parts is to add performance without sacrificing reliability. To make sure that you would feel the vehicle's superb performance, you need to unlock the maximum performance of your car. One of the most popular ways of achieving peak performance is by Infiniti tuning. Infiniti chip tuning can be great if performed by a professional, but it needs utmost attention even then.

With Infiniti tuning, you get what you pay for, and a high Infiniti tune up cost might be necessary to have the best experience. Sure, it can give you several advantages like gains in torque and horsepower, but you might not need them, especially if your primary problem is the Infiniti acceleration problem. 

Whenever you go for Infiniti tuning, you should know that you put some extra strain on some internal parts of the car.Also, Infiniti tuningleaves flags or traces behind when you remove your tune, which is not ideal, as your dealer can instantly recognize the patterns and voids your warranty. On the other hand, a high-quality Infiniti throttle controller like Pedal Commander is undetectable. It only regulates how your throttle behaves and doesn’t put any extra strain on any part as Infiniti tuning does.

How to Enhance the Experience with High-Quality Infiniti Mods?

Infiniti owners want the best.  They want cars to perform better. While improving on something great is hard, you can achieve it with Infiniti mods. You can do a lot with the help of the Infiniti performance parts. Yet, before performing any Infiniti performance mods or Infiniti tuning, you need to weigh your options and ensure that you want them.

Most people seek Infiniti mods ideas, and some people can give some unsolicited advice online. Infiniti aftermarket partscan be significant, but to get the most bang for your buck, you might want to research what kind of modifications you want. It is especially important if you are driving a new Infiniti.

Infiniti cars are expensive, and many serious repairs start at a few grands. That’s why your warranty is crucial. Unfortunately, your options will be limited if you want to keep your warranty intact while upgrading your vehicle. Infiniti engine mods and popular options like getting an Infiniti performance chip or Infiniti tuning will void your warranty, thus making it not viable for most. Fear not, though, as Pedal Commander will help you improve your performance without risking anything and keeping your warranty intact.

Infiniti Tuners are Good, But is Pedal Commander Better?

Out of the several Infiniti performance parts, Infiniti tuners are some of the most popular ones. These plug-and-play devices can be attached to the car and control sensors in the engine bay and change factory tuning to remap the timing, fueling, and boost. The Infiniti tuner is used to perform Infiniti tuning can be helpful to modify the boost levels and helps ECU to map fueling and timing for the higher levels of boost. However, this can be extremely risky.

If you don’t want to deal with an Infiniti performance tuner but want to extract the most out of your car, you can do so without any kind of Infiniti horsepower upgrades. Those who would like to do things swiftly and safely should go for the Pedal Commander. This high-quality throttle controller can offer a much better throttle response time than any tuner. The Pedal Commander can be installed easily within just 15 minutes, and it is not necessary to take the vehicle to the car performance shop. There is also a mobile app with this product through which you can change the mode easily.

What Are Some of the Infiniti Upgrades that Improve Your Driving Excitement?

It is essential to have the right tools for the job. While most Infiniti performance parts are designed for optimum performance, not all are created equally. When we talk about the Infiniti upgrades, we need to keep in mind that there is a specialist for every installation, so it is better to go for those who truly understand how to do Infiniti performance upgrades properly.

While Infiniti update kits will give you a perfect opportunity to turn your vehicle into a street weapon or an ultimate track car, if you just need some extra performance, you won’t need those.  There are many Infiniti engine upgrades because of the vast array of Infiniti performance parts, including the Infiniti tuners. But you won’t need them if you are after some faster acceleration and unleashing your car’s true potential. Keep in mind that untapped possibilities hide in your Infiniti specifications.

Pedal Commander is considered one of the most advanced throttle response controllers, but many people have misconceptions about its characteristics, performance, and possibilities. It is a tiny device that can help customize the gas pedal sensitivity and allow the engine to respond quickly. It is worth mentioning that Pedal Commander increases performance and speed but won't increase torque and horsepower. This way, Pedal Commander stays under the radar and won’t void your warranty.

How to Find Dependable Infiniti Accessories with Options?

Infiniti is a brand that is not a stranger to automobile enthusiasts. Those who would like to stand out need to visit the parts department to explore a wide range of Infiniti accessories available out there in the market. Whether you want to equip the interior, dress the exterior, or go for any other Infiniti mods, the Infiniti car accessories might help you create the vehicle of your dreams.

However, cosmetic upgrades are only one part of the puzzle. If you want to have the best experience, you should look into Infiniti performance accessories. If you're going to have the best Infiniti upgrade that you can easily perform at home, Pedal Commander should be on your shortlist.

If you are not a fan of how your throttle pedal responds, but you think that any kind of accessory might void the warranty, you don’t have to worry. While Infiniti tuning can harm the car, Pedal Commander is a better option than that. Pedal Commander is safe. Pedal Commander’s installation process is easy. You locate the factory harness, connect the Pedal Commander, and mount the controller anywhere you like. The whole process takes about 15 minutes, and the results will be extraordinary.

Where to Get Your Infiniti Customize With Pedal Commander?

If you want to personalize your Infiniti, you get the opportunity to have the exact vehicle that you would like to have with Infiniti customization. You can personalize every detail of your car according to your unique preferences with Infiniti performance parts like Pedal Commander.

As mentioned, there is a myriad of cosmetical Infiniti custom parts available. However, if you want to have Infiniti custom accessories to change how your car behaves, Pedal Commander will be one of the best options for you. 

When you want an ultimate performance boost and a much better throttle response, then Pedal Commander is the deal for you because this electronic controller will get you rid of any response delays while boosting the acceleration. It is such a performance booster that can bring life to the beast of your favorite Infiniti by offering several alternative modes. Your car can start accelerating in nanoseconds with the Sport+ mode if you want a spirited drive. You can also save up to %20 fuel with Eco mode. With four different modes and nine different settings to further customize each mode, Pedal Commander is the ultimate choice for Infiniti customization.

Are All Infiniti Cheap Parts are Created Equally?

Aftermarket parts are great ways to customize your vehicle. While you might not get the Infiniti engine options you want for whatever reason, you can still customize your vehicle with aftermarket parts for having the perfect car. However, you might want to limit how much you want to spend, as many different options exist. 

While Infiniti is a luxury brand, there’s nothing wrong with choosing the value when it comes to Infiniti online parts. Those drivers who would like to save a significant amount of time and money can find high-quality Infiniti gears for not a lot of money. However, you have to research the Infiniti upgradeyou want and how much to pay for it because options like Infiniti tuning need to be performed by a competent professional. Still, you can find Infiniti performance parts and Infiniti aftermarket parts that you can install at your home. One of the best ones to help you achieve the top performance is Pedal Commander.

Do Top-quality Infiniti Parts Accessories for the Drivers of All Tastes Exist?

Because of its breathtaking performance and elegance, Infiniti makes vehicles that deserve high-quality Infiniti parts and Infiniti accessories. There’s an excellent market for Infiniti aftermarket parts. However, you should only install the best Infiniti auto parts and accessories. If you want some Infiniti upgrades, check out Pedal Commander.

Infiniti Coupe Parts Accessories That Will Make a Difference

The majority of the Infiniti coupe aftermarket parts will serve a purpose. However, as a customer, you should do some research, as most aftermarket parts like Infiniti tuners will void your warranty and might diminish the longevity of your vehicle. Still, getting a personalized Infiniti upgrade using Infiniti coupe accessories can be highly beneficial. A high-quality throttle response controller like Pedal Commander will make a significant difference without voiding the warranty.

Infiniti Crossover Parts Accessories for Better Driving Experience

No matter how great your vehicle is, you might want to improve and personalize it, but it is essential to take an educated step when it comes to the Infiniti upgrade. Several top suppliers offer Infiniti crossover aftermarket parts. However, one of the best Infiniti crossover accessories you can get is Pedal Commander. It is one of the safest and most impactful Infiniti performance parts on the market. 

Infiniti Hatchback Parts Accessories to Enhance The Thrill

Infiniti makes some great performing hatchback vehicles that offer unique experiences. However, even Infiniti hatchbacks can be improved with Infiniti hatchback aftermarket parts. Using Infiniti hatchback accessories, such as Pedal Commander, you can go the extra mile to have the perfect car. Pedal Commander’s Infiniti performance part will help you customize how your throttle behaves and change how your car feels. 

Infiniti Off Road Parts Accessories to Conquer All Terrains

Infiniti cars are known to make some high-quality luxury cars. However, they also produce some exceptional off-road vehicles that you can take anywhere. However, you can use Infiniti off road accessories to increase their effectiveness. Infiniti off road aftermarket parts like Pedal Commander is designed to improve your vehicle’s performance on all terrains by altering how your throttle pedal responds. 

Infiniti Sedan Parts Accessories for a Great Experience

If you want a luxury car, you can’t get any better than an Infiniti sedan. However, you can improve Infiniti sedans with Infiniti sedan accessories that will not break your bank.  While you have an option of taking a pick from a wide selection of products for Infiniti upgrades, If you want the best Infiniti sedan aftermarket parts, you can go for Pedal Commander’s exceptional throttle response controller

Infiniti SUV Parts Accessories for The Ultimate Adventure Car

Infiniti has successfully remained the gold standard in class and luxury for many years. That’s why many people who want a fantastic SUV go for Infiniti SUVs. Still, Infiniti SUV aftermarket parts can increase the value of these exceptional vehicles. Infiniti SUV accessories such as Pedal Commander’s Infiniti performance part will help you enhance your car with ease.