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Pedal Commander

Go Off the Beaten Path
Enhance Your Subaru with Pedal Commander

Explore the outer reach of the limits of your Subaru with Pedal Commander! Wake your Subaru's acceleration safely and enjoy it in a new and exciting way!

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Pedal Commander Will Make Your Subaru Unbeatable

Subaru is a renowned Japanese car manufacturer celebrated for its all-wheel-drive technology, reliability, and performance. Their range includes saloons, SUVs, and sporty models like the WRX. Subaru vehicles are firm favourites with drivers seeking versatility, safety features, and a sense of adventure, making them equally suited to off-road trails and city commutesReady to elevate your Subaru driving experience? Look no further than Pedal Commander, the ultimate solution to unlocking your vehicle's full acceleration potential.


Pedal Commander is the leading throttle response controller, meticulously crafted to redefine your Subaru driving experience. Subaru cars and SUVs are admired for their performance capabilities, yet even the most discerning enthusiasts can identify areas for improvement. Enter Pedal Commander, designed to elevate your Subaru's throttle response and power delivery to new heights.


Discover how Pedal Commander revolutionises Subaru driving dynamics, addressing common issues like sluggish acceleration and lack of responsiveness. Fine-tune your Subaru to perfection. From tackling common throttle performance issues to maximising power delivery across the RPM range, Pedal Commander stands as a beacon of innovation for Subaru enthusiasts worldwide.

Join the countless Subaru enthusiasts who have already
unleashed the full potential of their vehicles with Pedal Commander. Don't settle for mundane driving – elevate your experience and discover a new level of excitement on the road. Unlock the power within your Subaru today.

Subaru Performance Upgrades-Unlocking the Potential

Subaru vehicles are known for their performance capabilities, but they often leave enthusiasts craving for more. With Pedal Commander, you can unlock the full potential of your Subaru, enhancing throttle response and power delivery for a more enjoyable driving experience. Whether you're driving a Subaru WRX, Impreza, or Outback, Pedal Commander offers a range of performance upgrades to suit your needs.

Addressing Subaru Throttle Performance

Are you experiencing throttle performance issues with your Subaru? You have a good throttle response but it can be great! From poor throttle response to sluggish acceleration, Pedal Commander addresses these concerns with precision and efficacy. By optimising throttle sensitivity and eliminating delays, Pedal Commander ensures that your Subaru operates at its peak performance, allowing you to enjoy a smoother and more responsive driving experience, and it's all under your control.

Maximising Power Delivery

Looking to maximise power delivery in your Subaru? Pedal Commander offers the ultimate solution. With advanced throttle response control technology, Pedal Commander enhances power delivery across the entire RPM range, unleashing the full potential of your Subaru's engine. Whether you're seeking improved acceleration or enhanced towing capabilities, Pedal Commander delivers unmatched performance gains for Subaru enthusiasts.

Take Action, Enhance Your Subaru Driving Experience

Ready to take your Subaru driving experience to the next level? Take action with the Pedal Commander. In addition to enhancing throttle performance, Pedal Commander offers a range of benefits, including improved fuel efficiency, reduced turbo lag, and enhanced drivability across various road conditions. Discover the Pedal Commander advantage and unlock the true potential of your Subaru today.

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Got Something on Your Mind?
Unlocking Answers for Subaru Owners

Is special Subaru service required for Pedal Commander installation?

No special Subaru service is required for Pedal Commander installation. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the individualized design of each device, tailored to seamlessly align with the distinct features of Subaru automobiles. It's designed for easy integration and can be installed without requiring specialized Subaru servicing.

What is the compatibility of Pedal Commander with Subaru's warranty conditions?

Pedal Commander is designed not to impact Subaru's warranty conditions. It's a non-intrusive device that enhances throttle response without voiding the warranty. We take pride in the customized approach we employ for every Subaru vehicle, ensuring that our devices are not just compatible but optimized for peak performance within the unique specifications of each model.

Is it possible for the Pedal Commander to affect Subaru's security systems?

No, Pedal Commander does not affect Subaru's security systems. It focuses solely on enhancing throttle response without any impact on the vehicle's security features.

Are there any restrictions on using the product’s specific features for Subaru's make and model?

Pedal Commander is specifically designed for Subaru models and does not have any restrictions on its use. It seamlessly integrates with Subaru's throttle system to provide optimal performance. It reveals the features that are limited by the Subaru manufacturers!

Why should you consider upgrading your Subaru's performance?

Upgrading your Subaru's performance enhances acceleration, responsiveness, and overall driving enjoyment. It allows you to experience the full potential of your Subaru on the roads. Don’t waste your Subaru’s potential! With Pedal Commander and other tuning options make your Subaru interesting more than ever!

Which aftermarket parts can enhance your Subaru driving experience?

Performance Exhaust Systems: Increased Exhaust Flow: Upgrading to a performance exhaust system allows for better expulsion of exhaust gases, reducing back pressure. Enhanced Engine Efficiency: Improved exhaust flow can result in better engine efficiency, leading to increased horsepower and torque. Distinctive Sound: Many performance exhaust systems provide a deeper, more aggressive exhaust note, adding a sporty touch to your Subaru's sound profile. Air Intakes: Improved Airflow: Aftermarket air intakes optimize the intake of air into the engine, promoting better combustion for increased power. Enhanced Throttle Response: The improved airflow often translates to a more responsive throttle, contributing to a livelier driving experience. Potential Fuel Efficiency: Some air intakes also improve fuel efficiency by ensuring a more controlled air-to-fuel ratio. Suspension Upgrades: Enhanced Handling: Upgrading your Subaru's suspension system results in better control and handling, especially during cornering and uneven road surfaces. Reduced Body Roll: Performance-oriented suspension upgrades can minimise body roll, keeping your Subaru more level during turns for a sportier feel. Customizable Ride Height: Some suspension kits allow you to customize the ride height, letting you achieve the optimal balance between performance and comfort. Acceleration Tuning: Install Pedal Commander for the ultimate throttle response and control. Combining these aftermarket parts will transform your Subaru into a beast! Whether you're navigating urban streets or exploring scenic routes in the UK, these enhancements contribute to a more engaging and enjoyable time behind the wheel. Unleash your Subaru’s true nature!

Do aftermarket modifications effectively increase Subaru's performance?

Yes, carefully chosen aftermarket modifications can effectively increase Subaru's performance. Upgrades like ECU tuning and performance parts contribute to a more powerful and responsive driving experience.

What upgrades are recommended for Subaru performance and durability?

Recommended upgrades for Subaru performance and durability include high-quality air filters, performance exhaust systems, and regular maintenance to ensure optimal engine performance and longevity.

How can you personalise your Subaru for a better experience on UK roads?

Personalising your Subaru for UK roads can be achieved through modifications like alloy wheels, performance enhancements, and practical accessories. These additions contribute to a more enjoyable driving experience.

Which budget-friendly upgrades offer value for Subaru owners?

Budget-friendly upgrades such as air filter replacements, spark plugs, and basic tuning modules offer good value for Subaru owners, providing noticeable improvements without a significant investment.

Which accessories are considered essential for Subaru owners in the UK?

Essential accessories for Subaru owners in the UK include all-weather floor mats, roof racks for outdoor adventures, and cargo organizers for practicality. These accessories enhance both comfort and functionality. Adding these accessories to your Subaru also can increase your vehicle’s resale value.