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Elevate your local business offerings with Pedal Commander, the leader in throttle response technology.

Benefit from our 98% test-to-buy ratio and outstanding client reviews.

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Where Speed Meets Satisfaction in Car Service

Capitalize on the opportunity to offer the Pedal Commander: the pinnacle of car innovative technology. As the top brand in the USA, we're bringing our expertise to the UK. Enjoy substantial dealer benefits, high conversion rates, and a product backed by enthusiastic customer reviews.

Plug & Play

Variety of Makes and Models

Does not void Car Warranty

Technical Details

Optimizing Throttle Response

The Pedal Commander revolutionizes throttle response while prioritizing safety through its cutting-edge design and functionality. By seamlessly integrating with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and intercepting signals from pedal position sensors, it optimizes communication between the gas pedal and the engine.

Tailored Sensitivity for Safety

This process eradicates the typical delay associated with drive-by-wire systems, delivering instantaneous and more responsive acceleration. Crucially, the Pedal Commander empowers drivers to tailor throttle sensitivity within preset levels, ensuring that performance enhancements remain within safe parameters.

Dynamic Response to Accelerator

Additionally, the device operates in real-time, dynamically adjusting throttle response to evolving driving conditions, thus safeguarding against abrupt or erratic acceleration changes.

Enhanced Performance, Enhanced Safety

By seamlessly integrating with existing safety features and offering customizable driving experiences, the Pedal Commander enhances both performance and safety for a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

Why Partner with Pedal Commander?

This innovative throttle response technology, requiring a mere three-minute installation, transforms vehicle performance, offering customizable settings for an unmatched driving experience.

plug and play

Aligning with Pedal Commander not only diversifies your service offerings but also significantly boosts revenue, leveraging our impressive 98% test-to-buy ratio and glowing client testimonials.

98% test-to-buy

As a leader in the US market, we bring our expertise to the UK, providing your business with substantial dealer benefits, including high conversion rates and a product backed by enthusiastic customer feedback.

Embrace Pedal Commander and revolutionize your service offerings, leading the market in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Lead the Market with Pedal Commander

The Pedal Commander throttle response controller delivers incredible acceleration control to auto enthusiasts and competitive drivers. The Pedal Commander team would like to work with companies, business to business, to provide even more motorists with this significant performance advantage through local shops and vendors like yourself.

What Users Think About Pedal Commander?

Nadav S.

Pedal Commander - PC18

Excellent service and attitude (Hakan) overseas delivery very fast 3 minutes installation excellent results Thank you Nadav

Marius C.

Pedal Commander - PC71

surprisingly it works very good even if my car is a diesel (Kia Stinger) - the result is better than expected. Thank you

Vincenzo B.

Pedal Commader - PC25

Totally Awesome looks amazing can’t wait to install it on my Kia sportage

Keith B.

Pedal Commander - PC09

Makes the car feel like it's had a bigger, more powerful engine fitted. Literally took 10 minutes to install. Has eliminated all the lag in the throttle (Porsche), and this is on City 4 setting. Sport mode has a huge effect when on the open road too.

Vincenzo B.

Pedal Commander - PC25

Totally Awesome looks amazing can’t wait to install it on my Kia sportage voluptatum quod voluptatibus quia illum architecto a.

Stephen T.

Pedal Commander - PC18

Sport mode is awesome very aggressive be careful of speeding tuckets

Glenn N.

Pedal Commander - PC71

Definitely worth the money, fitted yesterday, quick easy installation, feels like a different car, 3.3 TT v6 stinger

Simon F.

Pedal Commander - PC32

Easy to fit and adds a new dimension to your car. Really changes the driving style from aggressive to ultra relaxed depending on mood. Sport ++ is probably too much for normal road use !!.