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Pedal Commander

Extreme Performance
Boost Your Porsche with Pedal Commander

What if there's a way to make your Porsche even better? That's not a question any more thanks to Pedal Commander! Once you install Pedal Commander, you won't look back!

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Unlock Your Porsche's Full Potential with Pedal Commander

Porsche a name synonymous with high-performance driving, consistently pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering with each new model. Yet, even the most meticulously crafted machines can benefit from a touch more exhilaration.

Imagine elevating your Porsche driving experience to new heights. Feel a surge of power with every prod of the pedal, effortlessly navigating twists and turns with unparalleled precision. Introducing Pedal Commander.

We understand that for Porsche enthusiasts like yourself, driving isn't merely about point A to point B – it's about experiencing the thrill of unbridled power and unmatched performance. That's why we've developed Pedal Commander, the ultimate solution to maximise throttle response and unleash the power lurking within your Porsche.

With Pedal Commander, you're not simply upgrading your Porsche; you're unlocking a world of endless possibilities. Our throttle response controller empowers you to tailor your driving experience to your preferences and style, whether navigating city streets, conquering twisting lanes or hitting the track.

Unsurprisingly, it's become an essential accessory for many Porsche owners. Once you experience the pure power and precision of Pedal Commander, you'll wonder how you ever drove without it.

So why settle for the mundane? Take your Porsche beyond its perceived limits. Unlock its true potential with Pedal Commander and unleash the thrill of pure performance.

Optimise Throttle Response with Pedal Commander

Elevate your driving experience with Pedal Commander's throttle response controller. Discover how our advanced technology enhances throttle sensitivity and responsiveness, providing you with precise control and improved performance behind the wheel. Take command of your Porsche's throttle response and unlock its full potential with Pedal Commander. Our advanced technology enhances throttle sensitivity and responsiveness, allowing you to take command of your Porsche's performance with precision and confidence.

Enhance Throttle Response for your Porsche

Explore the potential for increased power and performance in your Porsche. Learn how optimising throttle response can maximise the output of your engine, resulting in exhilarating acceleration and enhanced driving dynamics. With Pedal Commander's innovative solutions, unleash the full power of your Porsche and experience the thrill of driving like never before.

Upgrade Your Porsche's Throttle

Upgrade your Porsche's throttle system for unparalleled performance and responsiveness. Take control of your Porsche's throttle with confidence and experience a new level of precision and responsiveness on the road.

Purchase Pedal Commander and Elevate Your Driving Experience

Ready to take your driving experience to the next level? Purchase Pedal Commander now and discover the difference it can make in your Porsche. Contact us for expert advice and support. Pedal Commander is the perfect solution for your vehicle. With Pedal Commander, you're not just upgrading your Porsche – you're elevating your entire driving experience. Invest in Pedal Commander today and experience the difference firsthand.

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Got Something on Your Mind?
Unlocking Answers for Porsche Owners

Does Pedal Commander affect the warranty terms of Porsche?

Pedal Commander is designed not to affect the warranty terms of your Porsche. Our device is a non-intrusive device that doesn't alter the factory settings, ensuring you can enjoy the enhanced throttle response without compromising your warranty. Plug-and-play, don’t worry about warranty, just drive with top-notch accelerator response!

How straightforward is the installation and usage process of the Pedal Commander for Porsche owners?

The installation of Pedal Commander for your Porsche is straightforward and user-friendly. You might think “That's easier said than done!”, but when it comes to Pedal Commander it’s the easiest performance upgrade you can install. Simply plug it in, follow the provided instructions, given in the user's manual, and start experiencing immediate improvements in throttle response. It's designed to be hassle-free for all Porsche enthusiasts.

How compatible is the Pedal Commander with other features of Porsche (e.g., sports suspension, sport driving modes)?

Pedal Commander is highly compatible with various features of Porsche, including sports suspension and sport driving modes. It complements these features by providing a more responsive throttle, enhancing the overall driving experience tailored to the performance capabilities of your Porsche.

Is there a possibility that the Pedal Commander could cause damage to Porsche’s electronic systems?

Not at all! Pedal Commander is engineered to work harmoniously with Porsche's electronic systems. Each device in our lineup is purposefully designed for Porsche models, with a keen focus on integration, functionality, and a seamless user experience. It has undergone extensive testing to ensure compatibility and safety, minimizing any risk of causing damage to the electronic components of your Porsche.

What are the service requirements for the Pedal Commander?

Pedal Commander requires no regular servicing. Once installed, it operates seamlessly without the need for ongoing maintenance. It's a durable and reliable enhancement designed to provide long-lasting benefits for your Porsche. Plus it comes with 2 Year Warranty!

How do Porsche performance parts optimise power in your vehicle and enhance the driving experience?

Porsche performance parts, such as exhaust systems and engine enhancements, optimise power by improving airflow and combustion. Parts that increase the downforce have a huge impact on driving stability. These upgrades enhance acceleration, responsiveness, and overall driving dynamics, providing a more exhilarating road experience. Pedal Commander will provide more responsive acceleration and more control over the accelerator pedal without jeopardising your vehicle’s warranty.

Can aftermarket parts added to Porsches increase the value of the vehicle?

Yes, carefully selected aftermarket parts, such as custom wheels or performance upgrades, can enhance the value of your Porsche. They not only improve performance but also add a unique and personalized touch that can be appealing to potential buyers.

Does adjusting settings for Porsches really make a difference?

Absolutely! Fine-tuning settings on your Porsche, whether through Pedal Commander or other modifications, can make a noticeable difference in terms of throttle response, handling, and overall driving pleasure. It allows you to tailor the driving experience to your preferences.

Which modification ideas for Porsches yield the most effective results?

Modifications such as ECU tuning, performance exhaust systems, and suspension upgrades yield effective results for Porsches. These enhancements optimize power, improve sound, and enhance handling, contributing to a more dynamic driving experience. Increasing downforce with proper instalments hugely benefits the overall performance and driving experience.

Why might you need upgrades for your Porsche?

Upgrades for your Porsche can enhance performance, improve aesthetics, and provide a personalised driving experience. Whether for daily commuting or spirited drives through the countryside, upgrades allow you to make the most of your Porsche. Why limit yourself to factory settings when you can reach the full potential of your Porsche?

What are the advantages of using Porsche accessories?

Porsche accessories add style, comfort, and functionality to your vehicle. From bespoke floor mats to sleek exterior additions, these accessories enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and driving comfort of your Porsche. Real Porsche enthusiasts will notice even the slightest difference you tailor. Every Porsche is unique to its owner, remember you can make your Porsche the most eye-catching one with stylish accessories! Reflect yourself on your Porsche!

What should you consider when purchasing Porsche parts and accessories?

Consider factors such as compatibility, quality, and brand reputation when purchasing Porsche parts and accessories. Ensure that the parts are designed for your specific model and meet the high standards expected from a Porsche. Considering that prioritising high-performance breaks, quality tyres, and strengthening chassis is vital. Avoid using aftermarket parts that can jeopardise your car’s warranty at all costs. Ensure the engine cooling system is capable of handling the performance upgrades. Regular maintenance is a must for a seamless driving experience. Safeguard the vehicle's built-in safety features, ensuring that modifications do not undermine systems like ABS, traction control, and stability control. Balancing performance with safety is key for a secure and exhilarating journey.

Do cheap Porsche parts truly offer good value?

While budget-friendly options may be available, it's essential to balance cost with quality. Genuine or reputable aftermarket parts ensure reliability and performance, offering better long-term value for your Porsche investment.